Saturday, 17 June 2017

lattice, 17/June/17

I'm watching the sky through a lattice of leaves and hessian lines another night born premature into a cloak of grey cloud swallowing stars as fast as they can make themselves... thoughts become listless, laboured, the sound of shade from a cloud inserting itself between me and the sun... surrendered the sky resigns hours and hours to another time for another time when it might be appreciated that may or may never come while a chink of light grindingly gritting its teeth remains just what it is barely leaking through..... this monoscape of no escape won't let me go let me grow as we both sit glowing head to toe in grey shredding a mute decay.... I won't be walking on the clouds any time soon after all while this silence is this loud......

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

Well woven wandering way with words