Monday, 26 June 2017

carrying light, 26/June/17

the sheep carry light on their backs...... mountains break cover as clouds break ranks at the risk of glare and over-exposure...... many boots make a break from the peaks pouring from the fells, the feet of late-in-the-day hikers gathering themselves in folds of car parks carrying sweat on the backs from rucksacks long since unburdened of al fresco lunches lone-eaten hours before....... prickles of white carpeting mire and bog of cotton grass floating floriferous seeding the smallest of breezes that mischievous skip over walls of drystone scalping the one or two trees far scattered and hunkered as low as they dare they can grow each one for themselves...... no all for one and one for all here....... slate clings regardless defiant of vertigo, dreaming of scree while a strafing of sun is lowering, skewering clouds, panning for diamonds in long-forgot streams whose drunken meanders glissando their carvings through ill-defined, sheep-littered fields that still carry light on their backs who passively favour the grass to a diet of views.......

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

...and on and on it goes. Well expressed