Wednesday, 24 May 2017

wormpecker, 24/May/17

there was a woodpecker on the roundabout....... most unusual being as it was on the ground on the grassy central island encircled in tarmac and cars whizzing round as it seemed to be dragging a worm from the turf and no doubt winning out in the end...... but a woodpecker on the ground, how often have you ever seen that?....... the wriggling worm will be sadly no more, though the woodpecker may disagree.... it's bird food now gone to worm heaven if there is such a place, or perhaps they're reborn instead as hopefully I imagine something higher up the food chain.... maybe a woodpecker!.......... in fact might that very bird that ate the early worm have been a worm in a previous life?........ if it was and now it had lunched on the very thing it was before it was a peckery bird does that raise a dilemma?........ in that when it dies will it now come back once again as a worm as some kind of twisted penance?....... except that of course it was merely doing what nature has coded it to do which is among other things like headbanging away on wood is to snack on worms when the opportunity arises....... so maybe that's painlessly solved the said dilemma, though not so painless for the worm............ I wonder if the ill-fated worms last thought was one offering the small consolation of maybe coming back as a woodpecker thus meaning next time it won't be eaten by one, and perhaps even find that very 'pecker and kick its ass!

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

...a thinking worm...