Saturday, 6 May 2017

kicking air, 6/May/17

at the end of the day it was all a bit dull, a tad anticlimactic....... a colour by numbers election where we and especially the candidates merely went through the motions with little to no emotional investment nor attachment one way or the other......... election day arrives and it's off to the polling station to plant your 'x' then tootle home being sure to wipe your hands clean of it on the way out....... bear in mind this was just local council elections and not the BIG one as we all keep being told, which probably contributes to a low turnout regarding this as largely rote, to sleepwalk through and later wake up to find the song remains the same......... it's not that I'm after the absurd razzmatazz peacock-displays littering US elections in attempting to sell pig-swill as glitter distracting from the dark but exceedingly mundane lurking beneath........ perhaps there's not a lot you can do with a line-up of largely self-serving, faceless, wannabe's (i.e. candidates) for the county council ward areas and our respective community and/ or town councils blah blah blah.... but wait, hear that?..... that's the sound of your attention draining away at its mundanity..... a distinct lack of character and characters in almost all and sundry with barely an ounce of charisma to share between them as they obediently stood for the cameras and count to have their constipated visages scrutinised for signs of smugness at winning or gritted teeth of barely-concealed hatred attempting to convey humbleness in the face of defeat....... and it's not over yet, in 5 weeks yet another one looms apocalyptic after the UK prime ministers sudden announcement of a snap-general election giving no time to even change your underwear....... I'm baffled as to why being that there's no pressing need, nor a demand and even less-so any appetite for it, and clearly no legal or constitutional justification making it all the more surprising no one's questioned nor scrutinised its validity..... instead we'll just yawn, turn over and go back to sleep........ 

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

...didn't you vote? ...didn't you write this?