Sunday, 16 April 2017

under the bed, 16/April/17

pleased to see the light seep into the morning our hero welcomed the leaching of demons that'd clung all night feeding on the loose flakes of his skins..... he wasn't feeling very heroic and the most heroically-challenged thing he could do was make the tea...... always the first drink of the day, indeed the nectar of heroes.... coffee may be the fuel but tea, ah yes tea, was the lifeblood.... even heroes wake up just like normal non-hero people do, and have to drink, eat, go poo, go pee and of course sleep.... for better or for worse and usually more of the latter sleep was indeed even for our hero a necessary evil..... tea was brewing, fresh leaves stirred and left to float and flavour the pot while outside once more the solemn drumming of a woodpecker soundtracked the seeping light..... how could drumming be so melancholy he wondered...... after having hauled himself aloft from the floor where he slept and sleeps in favour of a bed now, there's no 'under the bed' for monsters to dwell..... but dwell they still do inside his head or wherever he's abducted or kidnapped too when he closes his eyes....... somewhere for certain he's not been able to find with his eyes open, wide or even squinted.......... tea flows hotly from the pot into the mug eliciting steam by the swirls in turbulent whirls...... for a moment he felt a wave of poetry waft through him then decided it was his empty stomach craving he broke his fast...................... breakfast is the one meal you should be allowed in peace before the shit of the day obliterates the fan........ our hero knew this and lived by it, his time and his time alone.......
drink eat
poo, pee
woodpecker drumming
it's all that you need......

© robert greig