Friday, 28 April 2017

copper sparrows, 28/April/17

you're never alone with a house sparrow, their clatter-chatter clamouring constantly for attention... and neither are they always preferring the company of others of their ilk and feather..... they're even audible through the sturdiest of double-glazing....... I found a penny today, a tarnished one pence copper piece.... and 1990 coin, nothing special or rare about it but I did wonder what its story was...... how long had it sat there discarded out in the elements on this back-path being overlooked, unseen or simply ignored as few regard a penny worth the effort of stopping, bending and retrieving...... and it was almost invisible in its grubbiness...... how many palms, pockets, purses, wallets, tills, fingers had it passed through?........ and who's had the pleasure of handling it....... how far has it travelled to find itself now at my feet, and now between my fingers?.......... I like the feel of a coin, all coins, their metallic certainty, being what they there is a certain honesty about them, arbitrary though it is, as in this coin of this material of this shape and size bearing this embossing is worth this much.... a truth of a kind that plastic fails to achieve.... instead plastic deceives, offering in the same glance great infinite, untold wealth and an inevitable, looming pit of debt and despair, an (un)promise laden with guilt and guile.....  you know where you are with a coin, it is what is for better or worse despite appearing two-faced (but never two-headed), never more or less than what it is........ you never see a lone sparrow, I think they enjoy gossiping far too much.......

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

...and I think they learned a new tune.