Monday, 27 March 2017

time it was it was #03, 27th March 2017

.... so why do we do it...
blindly go along with the old clocks-forward,  clocks-back, in-out, in-out, shake it all about dancefoolery?...... yes, folk are weird, sticklers for 'tradition', oblivious when it suits them...... as though ignorance is indeed bliss and half-truths are better than whole ones which might mean shattering any illusions..... and delusions..... and they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks anyway, although not just the old ones but also the young pups who can be just as and sometimes far more intransigent to change.......ever-wary stares of mistrust of anything new as suspect, disruptive or even perverse... nevertheless it's curious how some things always fall through the net and all too soon shift from 'new' to 'norm'... what initially evokes suspicion a year hence becomes of little comment and in two years barely the bat of an eyelid; in five years redefined as "what was all the fuss about"...... by ten years it's habit to almost come of age at 20 transformed into 'traditional'... (and folk do like their traditions)........ come 50 years it's adherence and by its centenary in danger of becoming faith........... take Morris Dancing, tradition or faith?...... or just weird!?........ torn between "set in our ways" and "thinking outside the box" where most so-called brainstorming is merely reinforcing what we've already decided in fear of putting down our baggage for fear of cries of "suspect package!"...... the status quo has a stronger and more wily pull than many admit despite their protestations otherwise of counter-culture or 'of their own mind' or quotable cries of "I am not a number, I am a free man!"...... not just prisoners in our own skin then but wrapped and coddled in layers of the all and sundry.

© robert greig 2017

(the last from this years of my Not-so-royal-institution Bloggeries)

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