Sunday, 26 March 2017

time it was it was #02, 26th March 2017

is it 5am now or 6am?...... or neither if it's actually later or earlier but in fact it is 6am.... or 5am....... my body tells me one thing, the clock another, and the light, or lack of it outside, yet another.... not to mention the birds who seem to be singing almost but not quite an hour later.. or are they?....... what does the singing bird make of it all, to and fro with hours, or indeed the early bird whose early could theoretically now later and would that mean he fails to get the worm?.... especially if the worm too is slightly confused over the time..... timing's everything, especially if you're looking for a wormy breakfast and all you hear are hidden worms snoozing..... the early bird becomes the tap, tap, tapping of toes waiting for the early worm to wake up and get its wriggle on....... and there is once again a haunting lack of definicity ticking off the wall... so twice a year we willingly participate in this disorientation excercise, yet again the society of bleary-eyed souls still mumbling "I won't be told what to do" as they dodge and weave their internally-combustible death machines declaring and spitting there should be a law against a law against them using their mobile phones, meanwhile careering headlong at 60 mph through a crazy  of traffic-strewn rage monsters while still not even sure whether it's one hour before or one hour later........  proclamations of "it's an infringement of my civil, nay! human rights!"..... and yet as I hinted yesterday, they are doing what they're told almost every minute of every day and in this case relying on peoples nous alone is clearly not enough as nous is equally clearly in short supply it seems......... when people play the game choosing their favourite period in time to travel back to they often usually choose some time before, mostly well-before they were born which makes me ponder in my usual ponderous way if it would in fact be possible to exist in a time you didn't exist and that at best you could only go back to a time when you did..... or is it the opposite so?.... that you can't exist twice in the same moment as you'd be in danger of meeting yourself to just fizzle in a denouement of "no way!"

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

Interesting post and mental drift. Thanks for sharing