Friday, 24 March 2017

the singing bird, 24th March 2017

the singing bird sings his singing song singingly in hues of singing tones.... it's singing time... as well the singing bird knows and promptly sings singery of singing sounds with singing notes in singodies and singonies with singabies and singotation he singchronises perched up in the singing tree or down upon a singing bush among the thorny singing scrub swayed by spires of singing reeds and rushes one and all that fringe the singing pool....... the singing bird will singingly sing his singing song until he conjures singing light from singing holes and its songnambulistic plight..... while all the while the singingsmith toils in his songsmithery songsmithering in finely forging singing sounds and songs and tone and even trees and bushes though some becoming clinker-song lost becoming clinker-light that finds a nest in singing-chinks soon becoming singing light much later to be conjured once again by the singing song of singing birds... but enough of such singfoolery, nonsongery we must get on as does the songsmith through songmithery does practise well-honed singing-ways and fine-tuned singing skills with singing-tongs and hammer-songs to elegise the anvil into singopated songery from whence they're placed in singing hearths and forges fired with singing-stones and singing-bones and singing flame'n'ember-song to lastly but not leastly dipped in singing water from the singing well that's undersight of any eyes fed from the singing pool by which are singing trees and bushes for the singing birds to perch and sing their singing songs....... sssssingeingly the singing tongs will dip the singing notes into the crackle-hiss to hang in chords of songlines strung and pegged with staves from song-beams overhead until they tarnish just enough for singing birds to singly sneak with claw and beak to random-choose the singing notes to make their singing songs in hues of singing tones as is the name suggests is what the singing bird does best.

© robert greig 2017

(..... from my Songbloggery)

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Martin Kloess said...

That was one singing way to look at it...