Wednesday, 29 March 2017

bring out your dead, 29th March 2017

so, brave new world or "bring out your dead"?......... the 'United Kingdom' which by the way hasn't been a 'kingdom' for an awfully long time and is as far from united as magnets of the same pole are...... perhaps we should call ourselves the Antonymous Fiefdom........ as Article 50, two words which like the name of rock band has taken on a life of its own is triggered shooting us squarely in the foot...... or other foot, as we shot ourselves in the first foot the day after the referendum a mere ten months ago with a vote scraping in favour of leaving the European Union...... a decision by the way largely taken by England, a side-note being the UK consists of four distinct countries ....... so if England so strongly (on a 'yes' skim-vote) wants to leave the EU then surely the other countries in the UK have a right to also vote with their shot-hobbled feet and leave the UK..... Scotland and Northern Ireland for definite, the latter really feeling the thrust of Westminster's mighty shafting, and Wales barely in favour of leaving by a midges-dick sized percentage now sees at first-hand what it means as jobs have already vanished, schemes collapsed, funding by the millions lost, projects scrapped, farming on the edge of its plough and businesses cutting their losses........ so we're either bound for glory or bound and gagged....... if it is a "divorce", as it's been laughingly and misguidedly referred, then it's something more akin to something polyamorous... or poly'sans'amorous, excuse my French, or lack thereof........ especially with the additional ingredient of the United States which seems to be our 'bit on the side', albeit reliably unpredictable and unerringly unstable bit........ I would suggest an amputation may be closer to the root of this evil as we seem to be cutting off our nose to spite our face.... and then our ears, along with our shot-riddled feet........

... there, and I didn't mention the word 'brexit' once........ grrr, aargh, doh!
© robert greig 2017

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...journey on. I'll listen.