Thursday, 10 December 2015

mindful basking, 10th december 2015

I do find extreme weather exhilarating, that's true, but after 4 weeks of almost continual non-stop gales and storms I think even I'm starting to feel the pinch..... I saw the sun yesterday morning, almost didn't recognise it.... felt like early man seeing it for the first time with eyes of awe......... for a moment I did an impression of a basking lizard before remembering its winter... a winter sun... and sooooo cold..... so basked fully-clothed with layers a-plenty, woolly gloves, hat, boots, fleece....... still, it's good to experience some things as though for the first time again, after all we only have firsts for anything once, after which we can have seconds of course, which are also good but they aren't firsts.... firsts are what make something something....... so there, maybe I can call that mindfulness advice.... in other words, more tales of the blindingly obvious for the blindingly oblivious........ if some can get away with selling what are simply colouring books with the word 'adult' (a word you definitely have to use cautiously these days!) on it for 10 times the price of a colouring book when all they in fact are is, well, a colouring book (doh!) then maybe I should charge for equally simply advice...... luckily I have discovered that if you want to do some colouring-in then just get a kids one, they are still normally-priced and won't max out your credit card......... seems one of todays money-spinners seems to be, put 'mindfulness' on it and in one fell swoop attracts a premium....... mindfulness cooking, mindfulness colouring, mindfulness yoga, mindfulness gardening, and yes, mindfulness sex..... even mindfulness meditation!.... somewhat tautological me thinks... I think I may be mindfully booted-off the wagon.

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