Monday, 30 November 2015

stereo'typing, 30th November 2015

mind the gap!

yes, end of another month and beginning of another, the last of the year as it happens... must means something... or nothing.... who knows, maybe you won't even notice and merely step over it without looking down totally unaware there as even a gap there in the first place..... my fingers seem to be moving fast... which is remarkable in that I'm not a proper typist, as in I've never learned how to type properly, or formally... instead I type using just a few fingers and usually fast, making of course the obligatory uncountable number of mistakes... and oh yes, I don't stare at the screen as I type much, well I do look up at intervals, but mostly I'm staring at my fingers which for some reason, even though I can play the guitar blindfolded without looking to see where the frets and chords are, I still can't type without mostly watching my fingers switch back and forth from key to key like someone's pressed the fast forward button... and sometimes rewind too for a joke!..... it's stereo'typing!... of course the advent (and it is advent!) of soft keypads and boards have helped massively and a relief, as once upon a time with typewriters I don't have to hammer down each key to get it stamp a letter or punctuation on the paper......... hang on, here comes another_________________ gap________________ mind your step..........

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