Wednesday, 4 November 2015

night blog #4: untrained, 4th November 2015

and the fireworks have begun.... even though it isn't quite the 5th yet........ soon be time to light up the night, although in truth the night prefers it as it is, dark, and so do I, but I suppose surrendering one night  a year to it is ok....... once upon another long ago time I'd likely to have been watching one from a railway platform......... not so much a a traveler though I did that a lot too, but as a train-spotter... oh yes, moi!....... that's weirdly, geeky brood of liggers, vagabonds and wannabe hobos hanging around on platforms, pad and pencil in hand and a digest of every single number and description of every single engine and carriage that criss-cross the UK rail network.......noting and ticking off any previous unseen numbers sported by each and every engine as it enters the station....... seeking the most elusive, marveling at the hulking diesel deltics....... I started this 'hobby' as many a loner (usually male) does, stalking trains stations by the day until I found the nights much more appealing....... quieter and perhaps less trains yes, but, that's when many of the 'rarities' come through... the hard to find rolling stock....... I'd ride my bike, yes more night riding, to the local station and spend the darkest hours of the night on what were mostly quiet platforms, armed with just the right coins for the coffee and hot chocolate machines AND the chocolate bar vendor......... night trains would flow in and sometimes spill out their contents of half-dozy travelers looking like they weren't sure they'd got off at the right place........ every night the postal trains long sinews piled on and piled off bags of actual letters and parcels... underneath the quiet cacophonies I scribbled notes and numbers until first light....

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