Wednesday, 18 November 2015

misplaced thought, 18th November 2015

I'm feeling a bit like wee willie winkie upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown... although I don't have stairs but I do have a lantern I've been carrying around the house with me all evening, night and as I sit here in the still dark morning..... it's not lit though, it's just in case... and it's an LED one not a candle.... you see there's a storm-a-blowing out there still, as there has been all night....... if you hadn't already known and if you're on the other side of the world why would you know.... barney the storm, as its been bizarrely-named........ though barney has gone his blustery way from here now he's followed by another storm but not one with a name, apparently not strong enough to warrant one....... I'm sure it's feeling a tad aggrieved at that suggestion, after all it's trying its best out there..... I wonder where all those friends I had at school are now...... it's been a long, long, long and don't know anyone from that way back when time ago.... some will have died, not to sound too maudlin..... others, who knows..... funny how my memory of them and their faces, even some of their names are as vivid as ever and yet for all intents they aren't in my orbit nor I in theirs anymore.... at 3.30am this morning, awake of course which is how I knew what time it was, I had a thought....... sadly I can't tell you what it was because I feel asleep again and promptly forgot it..... or more likely misplaced it.... I wonder where they get misplaced too, and if I can go there too and get misplaced.... perhaps I'm already misplaced, which would explain a lot if I was........

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