Monday, 16 November 2015

forkeepsaken, 16th November 2015

ornaments... I've rarely had much time for them..... hardly seen the point of most of them, sitting there, veritable dust-collectors constantly whispering, "clean me, clean me", or "look at me, I'm so pretty".......... most seem to fill space that could be better used for something actually useful...... I'm the same about scatter cushions too by the way....  they can look attractive, maybe even inspired in their form and design, with the exception of toby jugs of course, I have never ever understood some peoples obsession with collecting them, and it seems that once you get one they multiply!........... I do have some bit and pieces I regard as 'keepsakes'... as in those things you keep for the sake of it, although keepsakes tend to have reasons for being in your possession for more than that, in fact most ornaments probably fit this category, but anyway before I tie myself up in knots lose the thread which I'm steadily doing as, like I've mentioned in previous blogs, I  write these as you see them, as I'm sitting here right now, without editing...... so, keepsakes, yes I have a few things I'd call this.... things with no intrinsic purpose but merely as perhaps a memory of something........ they do include, among other things, an acorn, a squash ball, a shorecrab's claw... even a prefects badge from when I was at school... I was never a prefect, work that one out..........  I just realised too I still have my high school tie!... with a hole-punch hole in it... I mean who hasn't done that to their tie at some time?...... no?..... just me then....

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