Sunday, 16 August 2015

porridge socks and counting worms, 16th August 2015

so what's so special about today?... well, sod all.... just another day in paradise....... snuffling, stumbling and grumbling the day yawns up through its two left feet.... imagine actually having two left feet, as in no right foot.... or even two left hands, you would most definitely be left-handed then, no doubt!......... and then once up it shuffles from (left) foot to (left) foot muttering, "well I'm here now, now what?  you got me up for this, for what? this?".... and then with a glance of resigned disdain humphs and shrugs and wanders off to find somewhere to curl up and count worms....... I dropped a dollop of porridge on my sock this morning.... not on purpose I add, I mean it isn't some quirky local tradition or some weird superstition I've cultivated over the years... although, maybe it could become one?.... I looked down, stared at it and pondered how it sat there against the blue-flecked wool.... I even considered taking a photo of it..... sorry, I didn't, my focus was on porridge, breakfast, for me the best way to start a day....... I think one should always make an effort with breakfast.... it doesn't have to be big, mine never is, or fancy, or over the top in any way, it simply has to be a satisfying series of moments where sufficient time is taken over it.... you should never feel pressured or rushed or even drawn into any pointless conversations........ after all, the day is most likely to go downhill from here so I think at least breakfast can be as good as it gets that day......

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