Saturday, 5 October 2013

turning on the tap, 5th October 2013

a long week eventually finds it way to its so-called end.... the weeks end in fact... except the week hasn't really ended.... to say it has would be to neglect Saturday and Sunday, as we are said to have seven days a week, not five.... just a thought...... that was the week that was... and next week that be, no doubt, the week to be........ went to a poetry reading, the opening of the North Wales International Poetry Festival with a chat, talk and reading by Jean Portante, a Luxembourgian born poet now living in Paris...... it's one thing to read someone poems but to hear them read it with the sense, passion and tones that they meant for each word and line in something else..... while he read the French, Zoe, the woman and also poet would translate his poems to English, read the translation..... with rapt attention we all listened and l just felt something special about such a sharing of words, intimate yet open..... one of my favourite lines being "we're all accountants of our own mythology"....... it's so easy to get lost in ones own studies, mine being nothing to do with poetry, so was a much-needed break for my now-stuffed brain...... for me, poetry is like turning on the tap, hearing it, reading it, even writing it, releasing the pressure behind..... many thanks to Jean for turning on the tap that evening for just an hour or two.....

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