Friday, 4 August 2017

~yoga&writing~, 4/August/17

time has come to say what's not been said and won't be so an inevitable conclusion is drawn to an another equally inevitable end of another week, of the end of a course, of the end of time spent with new-found friends one may never see again, maybe so, maybe not, the scrivener has yet to pen that particular tale..... closing another book once the eyes have drank down the very last line with the moon....... the yoga, the writing, they bumped and they ground, they parried around, they twisted and turned with words and with movement, pen and pose for space in the mandala having plenty of rooms for them all as the time scratched lines intertwined, intersecting as it grew from without then to meet in the centre, through asana, literature, poetry, food, ah yes the food, through breath and through silence....... each single river unerringly tumbling into the self-same pool in which bare feet  would dangle a toe then an ankle to total submersion as caution was thrown to the waves, a churning unfurling unerringly bobbed to the surface.

@robert greig 2017

(written immediately following a yin yoga session on the last night of a Yoga and Writing Retreat at Ty Newydd Writing Centre in Wales, August 2017)

(for Siân... Alys, Anyes, Fiona, Helia, John, Julie, Liz, Lucia, Kath and me [excuse any misspellings]...... Amali and Vivienne.... special mention to 'Mister Food', Tony....... and much appreciation and thanks to all the staff at Ty Newydd Writers Centre Wales)

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Martin Kloess said...

Do you ever catch a breath in yoga session?