Friday, 9 June 2017

tomorrow yesterday, 9/June/17

(... is this the last thing he ever wrote........?.............)
when will I wake up tomorrow
what will have changed
anything, everything, nothing?
when I open my eyes
will I feel any different,
will I care if I am
will I care if I'm not?
my footprint is smaller
smaller than my feet
so no one will follow
as no one will see,
why, because no one
will look or remember
if I was ever here,
I'll be disassembled
til I barely resemble
the man that I was
have been and never will be,
when I peel back my skin
will I still be inside?
wrapped in a womb
of indelible wounds,
shake me from slumber
I need to come too
before it's all changed
beyond all recognition,
when I wake up tomorrow
will there be more
or will there be less
or shades of the same strangled mess?
...... somewhere over the rainbow
......... pigs might fly
............. and a cow will jump over the moon.......

© robert greig 2017
(note: written on the morning after the 2017 UK general election prior to knowing the results)

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Martin Kloess said...

...and people don't fight anymore