Wednesday, 3 May 2017

to pole or not to pole, 3/May/17

one more day to go, one more day to go.......... it's morning again, as it often is, a shambles of birdsong cacophonates through my just-opened kitchen window.... one more day to go until yet again another election, this time local elections, perhaps like a mock-exam for the BIG one in June, the general election.... but let us not mock for this is no mock, this is our local elections and in many ways as if not more important....... I should vote, I will vote, I always do, in fact being much more local-centric focuses the mind and give you something much more tangible to work with in choosing, whereas the general UK-wide shenanelections are more like pissing competitions.... and we the humble electorate are the wall upon which......... .... .... I am heartened though to note in these troubled, unsettling, mind-numbing times that having just perused the statistics on my daily bloggery over the past few years during a nothing-better-to-do moment I puzzlingly discovered my most popular blog, as in view-count, was the only one in which I included the search label of "pole dancing"... it's good to know where readers priorities lay and as I've now mentioned it offers me once again impunity to imbue this blog, tagged and bagged thus, "pole dancing"........ let's hear it one more time: pole dancing!........ not that I'm a pole dancer by the way, in case you somehow got the notion I was....... I've never done it and have never really seen the point of it, although I am admittedly impressed by the sheer fitness and athleticism involved in being able to stay on the pole never mind dance with it.... it's used now as a standard keep-fit routine so maybe I should consider taking it up.... more about that perhaps in the next daily bloggery....... 

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(note:  originally posted on the 3rd May but accidentally on my other blog page!..... no it's where it should be......)

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Martin Kloess said...

I once made fun of a pole-dancer. Too bad I wasn't much younger (and single)