Tuesday, 2 May 2017

colour me bland, 2/May/17

two days to go, two days to go, two days to go til we fall down another hole with all the other headless rabbits on the fateful trail of yet another election in two days to go-time...... at least it's an expected one albeit now muddied by the decidedly unexpected one in a mere month's time........ some say elections are a sign that democracy is working, though surely not if that's all that seems to happen day in and day out, and ones as cynical as the one in June (aka Brexit v2.0)..... I've never really got on with talking with people but now feel even less compulsion to do so as inevitably they will sooner or later say something that raises my hackles or makes my skin crawl, or both....... at the tedium of such limited imaginations, their shortness their memories, and how dulled to the wider spectrum of possibilities rather than just their black and the white blather, which I'm not sure are even colours anyway.... white could be seen as the total absence of colour while black is all of them splodged into one... one?... one what?... I can't call it a colour if I just said it wasn't... I'm making a sound for it, one that has no word and any attempt to convey it in text just takes me further away from what the sound actually sounds like...... the sound of black and the sound of white...... they sound like no other colour nor like each other but they emerge distinct from on the one hand an absence, and on the other a mash-up......... now look what's happened, I've got lost in my own train of thought again... don't blame me though, I've no control over my brain and its whims.......

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

...the same is said for any of us