Sunday, 30 April 2017

mad april pole dancing, 30/April/17

'tis May-eve... Aprils last gasp, roll of the dice, turn of the card, flap of the wing... and yet no one will mourn its passing, in fact most will be disappointed, the weather having not quite been perhaps what they expected or wanted even though a mind cast back to every other April in every other year will find the same..... the same erraticism... the same misbehaviour...... April well-known but rarely remembered for its misdemeanouring mischievousness......... as it cleverly misleads by where it sits in the canon of months, cunningly concealed in the heart of spring..... and yet........ but with a trick or two up its umbrella....... it's not so much that it has an identity crisis or is in some way seasonally-affected, although it could be said to be seasonally-challenged if not challenging, it's more it dislikes being brandished as just a bit of spring... March has its mad hares and May has its poles (which would be much better updated nowadays to May'pole dancing!) but April, you see, all anyone ever mentions is the showers like it's some kind of cry-baby, wet blanket....... so every year it does just as it's done this year..... go now and scribble in your diary: April, totally off the wall and wtf weather all month!........ next April go back and see how it compares, I bet it'll be the same......... though I'm not actually a betting man, never have been, games of all kinds for me have always been a dead-loss being always without fail the loser every single effing time.......... I feel for April, neither here nor there and usually disparaged and all-too-quickly forgotten and through no fault of its own...

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

Maypole dance... that takes me back