Saturday, 1 April 2017

gaps, cracks and crock, 1st April 2017

it seems I didn't fall through the
between last month (oh how it now feels so far away though not yet more than a day) and this, which is good.... is it?.... watch this space
no, not (that) space........................... )this( space........
so I suppose I should say Happy New Month but of course no one does do they..... we blah, blah about 'firsts' all the time and how important they are and yet here are twelve right under our noses, we are missing a trick here.... and yet only January gets marked but not for being the start of the next fictitious year, the fact of it being January largely irrelevant and the rest are largely ignored as "just another day" except perhaps April, although that's only recognised as a day of fools.... which seems uncannily portentous with brexit and all chicanery.... damn, I used the 'b'-word.............. chipped mugs are usually  consigned to the back of a cupboard and the one I chipped two days ago is no exception..... like all the others it'll probably get forgotten for a while and then in time remembered, retrieved, but not for drinking because it's chipped but to become a convenient pencil/ pen holder..... why buy specially-designed ones when the humble chipped or cracked mug does just fine and usually better, more character and it has history... and you can feel smug about your ingenuity of make-do (without the mend).......... in time as a chip becomes a crack and the crack becomes a break eventually resembling a pile of shards it'll finds a new resting place in a crock-bin in the garden shed to likely end its days buried at the bottom of a plant pot being actually a lo-tech but still best solution for drainage and to stop soil escaping the drain-holes and falling through the
..... all achieved without an app or plug in sight..... 

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

Thanks for sharing this moment, especially the cups