Tuesday, 18 April 2017

by piece, 18/April/17

eyes flick flick too much too much at once licking light slicing shadows scraping thoughts from inside the skull bone bone scuttling scratching screeching reeling peeling away feeling the blind leading the blind flaying patterns from the glaze the film the thin veneer just skimmed shin splints splinters splintering splitting gritting teeth gristle grinds and burrows disinclined inclined dying inside first then out spreading like a virus tracks clues proof of life why are colours coloured how white is white flight fright fight fix the focus fix and focus, focus, crocus and single crocus in the grass clash sounds amass ganging up congeal pulp stultifying skin white-thin sin-tight skin interrupt erupt corrupt deduct time spent is time-less flick flick click and capture slap the air something there there turn it down turn it off off sit stay say what's on your mind what's on your mind what what spot the difference deference imperfect perfect imbalanced balance the informal formally-known as who? me? me? couldn't be couldn't be to be to be to be me who wants to be me not even me discomforting comfort scars that won't heal being wounds that won't scar not far to go now nearly there nearly there nearly nowhere as nowhere as here from nowhere to now'here the eyes and the ears the now long-dried tears there's a hole in the sky a hole in the head a hole in the heart that's been there from the start like a piece of found-art constantly falling apart peace by peace flick flick flickering the sixty watt bulb is on its way out nearly there nearly there nearly thinner than air.....

© robert greig 2017

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