Wednesday, 26 April 2017

a peg in a poke, 26/April/17

one coming in the 4th May, another in the 8th June, where will it end.... one election after another as if last year wasn't bad enough and meanwhile all politicians of all colours and hues are running in circles waving their arms in the air in varying aspects of panic knowing yet again they have to produce yet again another election manifesto riddled and infested with campaign promises (farcical I know as almost all from all parties rarely ever come to fruition and are nothing more than indigestible soundbites and nationalistic fodder) to go abroad once more as peddlers hawking their wary wares offering words about as effective as a gypsies lucky heather.... although no doubt they will be sharpening knives and who knows some may even make a peg or two......... bring back the one-piece wooden pegs that's what I say, remember them?.......... or dolly-pegs as they were known, carved of a single piece of wood they couldn't come apart like sprung-pegs do.... also known as C47 or bullet-pegs........ way back in the dark ol' days (not as dark as these days now but still were dark enough at times, not least because flairs seemed to be the height of fashion!) as part of the tests for entry into the apprenticeship I was eventually successful in getting (and soon wish I hadn't) was to reconstruct a sprung-peg which is trickier than you at first might think and something that wouldn't be necessary with the dolly peg incidentally which such 'invented' way back in the 1700's by Quakers, specifically the Shakers.... not surprising being the functionally and practically-minded sorts they were, with the subsequent hinged or sprung version not until 1853.......... I don't doubt that some politicians will have a need for a peg or two too, as they saying goes, hang each other and us out to dry when it suits them...........

© robert greig 2017

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Martin Kloess said...

functionally and practically minded?