Wednesday, 15 March 2017

whitewash worlds, 15th March 2017

I remembered my first ever house... the first ever place that I lived... after I was born of course as even though once upon a time there was a time before I was born that I read about, hear about, merely only one step removed from I clearly wasn't there at the time.... but I digress, as is always the way... and realised I've never seen since nor will never ever see again that house.... not because it's too long ago now nor too far away, it simply no longer exists having been demolished for a new road within a few weeks after we left..... some things never change it seems.... 'we' being my family when I was just a wee bearn... and wee I was, not in the urinating sense am sure I did that plenty too, 'wee' as in merely two years old maybe less, memories from the faraway can be notoriously selective...... about 16 years later I found myself back there at the very spot where my first house was but now long wasn't but miraculously something remained of this compact red-brick mid-terrace home: a single backyard wall bearing the weathered stains of whitewash, commonly used back then for yards to brighten, keep clean and even help dry the washing once pegged to lines stretched wall to wall by catching as much light as could possibly penetrate these dark little hollows.... for me it merely added new dimensions to the worlds within worlds which for me back then was my world, my universe........ though any recollections of inside the house remain hazy and vague the backyard and all its adventures still seemed to linger in the whitewash.

© robert greig

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Martin Kloess said...

Strange... This brought back the etchy memories of my youth, before...