Sunday, 12 February 2017

left2right, 12th February 2017

sometimes I'll write from one side of the page to the other lengthening or squashing, or even shrinking the writing and words to make them 

onto that single line.... I'm justified in this.... apparently.....

as my hand moves left to right the back of my fingers come closer and closer (unnecessarily twice for emphasis, an affectation, luxury, to be more florid or compensate for a subtle limited vocabulary.... like something being "really, really" doesn't make it more really, it merely really is or really isn't and really x 2 is just littering) swimming the width of a page til my I run out of line..... with nowhere to go I leap back to the


and down

and keep going

left 2 right /+leap/

(so formulaic)
left 2 right /+leap/

and down

left 2 right /+leap/\down

left 2 right /+leap/\down

trickling lines as I move down the spine constantly catching the edge of my wake of the previous line, back n' forth, back n' forth

instead of slurring from left to right, right to left, left to right, gravity-drawn down the page
a meandering river that flows with the current no turning no pausing no reset just freestyle a grabbing of uninterrupted scatters of thoughts from a surface just keeping my head above water brief moments of clarity in between blurs of mercury drips melting over my face

right 2 left /-leap/~down

right 2 left /-leap/~down

line by line

by line





and I can stop swimming and just free-float

weightless and wordless, disembodied, a spent-force, washed to the side of the page to climb out with a shiver, a sigh of relief... walk away.......

© robert greig

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