Friday, 24 February 2017

curvality, 24th February 2017

the curvature of the earth.... what a phrase, I'll say it again just to feel how I make it appear from thin air, from no sound, the curvature of the earth....... sounds like a place of magic, somewhere you'd set a quest to find......... a golden fleece, holy grail, lost ark, Avalon, the pot of gold.... it's not always obvious unless you pay attention but regardless it's always out of reach.... you'll even find it on the moon during a lunar eclipse, although merely going to the moon won't help, as soon as you get there it won't be, you'll turn around and see only the ball on which we precariously and precociously balance, one enormous space-hopper.... but not the curvature of the earth..... not a complete circle it's just a curve, going up in the middle and down either end.......... like a ruler does when holding it horizontal  and bend it just a little.... there...... you just made the curvature of the earth..... but it isn't, it's a ruler........ do people still use rulers?...... I do, I have several, most bendable, some plastic, some wooden of which most don't share quite the bendability of their plastic counterparts... even a carbon-fibre one....... some have imperial markings, some metric, some both... most are 12" long, or 30cm which is just shy of a complete foot, though I do have 6" rulers and one that's 36"..... I also have pencil sharpers, nothing automated (no doubt there's an App... how bizarre would that be), erasers, a protractor, set-square, T-square, a right-angle ruler... good grief I even have a slide rule, though they've always been like hieroglyphs to me, fascinatingly baffling but I always felt I should have one even though, like the curvature of the earth, they are beyond me...

© robert greig

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