Wednesday, 22 February 2017

a model citizen, 22nd February 2017

a snip at the price!..... £110,000...... bargain!....... for a whole village too, and whole entire village in north Wales........ do I have £110,000?.... don't be a blithering idiot course I don't...... surely this must be April Fool, but it isn't April and as there are no mirrors in this room I can't see any fools..... at this juncture I should clarify that the village in question is a model village...... not a 'model' as in perfect, ideal, littered with floral hanging baskets, thatched roofs and quaint cottage tearooms(although there is one of those but you'd have to be tiny to fit inside), nor 'model' as in scarily Stepford Wives-like.... 'tis actually a model, a big model and to scale but mostly no taller than your knees (or probably your waist if you're only five)........ a couple of acres of petite houses and streets, post boxes, phone booths, cafes (see, told you), clocktowers, schools, shops, there's people and cars even sheep and dogs and trees and hedgerows, fields and probably a village pond and maybe a railway, yes I think there's is, and a station, I'd hope so anyway...... you see it's been years since I visited but that was probably before the whole model village (.com) bubble burst, that's if there was ever a bubble for such a thing, probably not... I suppose they were never in the same league as say crocs, or topknots or even smartphones ever being the latest 'must have'....... incidentally I don't have a pair of crocs, nor a topknot (re: no hair), nor even a smartphone, not that smartphones can be that smart as they still need a dumb human to give them purpose, how smart is that.......... so who knows, new business venture?....... I could be a 'model citizen'..............

© robert greig

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