Tuesday, 31 January 2017

plans, 31st January 2017

of all the things that I had planned I'd never planned for this, I'm not where I had planned to be, an out of water fish                  although my hat may be my home and where I lay it such, I'd never thought I'd have it sat akimbo quite this much                  admittedly it's no surprise as every plan I ever planned, and believe there were many... a veritable plethora and not because I like such words a 'plethora'... they came to nought or somewhat fraught or caught upon a barbed wire fence, or way beyond the beyondest reach however far my reach was though it's only ever been as long as each arm reached                and plans did change, again again, more than the many blinks you'll blink inside a normal day                 and that's a lot, a awful lot, just try and count them soon you'll see, enough to make your head spin and your mind most surely wander getting lost among among the other wanders wandering around, then coming back to find a strafes of blinks strewn everywhere.... uncountable, uncountable! this is what you'll say and plan to plan and start again though tomorrow's soon enough                     hoorah for serendipity or maybe not me thinks as all the plans I'd ever planned I never planned for this                  as all my plans have gone askew, awry, some even flown the coop to leave a dovecotes pile of poo                          plans are just a disappointment waiting to happen, trip you up, lead you through a merry dance or up the garden path, or down and down a rabbit hole to twist an ankle.. ow!

© robert greig

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