Saturday, 14 January 2017

flurry, 14th January 2017

the sky dallied with the idea of snow but as was evident from the results didn’t quite get the hang of it… nor the enthusiasm to really put its all into it… despite for all the world looking like it was born to the task…. there was snow on the mountains in the somewhere miles away, just in sight but not close enough to translate the same snow here……. our hero splashed his face in cold water as he did every morning and as sometimes happens when he couldn’t be bothered to remove his top beforehand felt a few stray trickles of water find their way down his sleeves as neither had he rolled them up prior to this meagre ablution……. through the double-glazing he gazed at a reluctant and unhelpful sky and started to conclude that the rumours of snow were turning out to be just that, rumours……. he raised his steaming mug of first tea of the day to his mouth and, somewhat lost in his meteorological ruminations, waywardly missed his lips by a millimetre consequently dribbling some down his chin and onto his top… the same top with now slightly damp inner sleeves from his equally careless splash-wash……. incomprehensibly our hero looked around to see if anyone had seen his oopsicle moment… no one had…. why?.. well apart from the fact no one was looking it was compounded by the additional fact that he was alone grumpily attending an uncooperative sky from his double-glazed cocoon…….. thus not a soul but the scatter-cloud, full moon sky illuminated his reverie-distracted clottishness….. comforted by all this he tried again and unlike the sky in its pitiful attempts at snow he succeeded to successfully sip a sip of steaming tea, none the worse for the delay or discomfort of a tea stain now decorating the neck line of his top……. the sky had tried a flurry earlier but to no avail beyond a less than half-hearted flurry… it just couldn’t be arsed…… our hero smiled at ‘flurry’... good word, flurry, and knew he'd be using again before days end…..

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