Monday, 7 November 2016

turmeric and other tales, 7th November 2016

and another thing.... on my way home I got stuck behind every possible imaginably slow vehicle on the road.... over and over..... one turned off and another appeared within a mile..... how do they do that?....... but I did see a rainbow, well half of one, which seemed appropriate.... yay me....... maybe the moral of this non-tale is "mustn't grumble"....... as I wended away from the Agni Yoga and Writing weekend of, well, bending, scribbling, pondering and eating, mostly turmeric, being an Ayurvedic weekend it was inevitable, at Ty Newydd National Writing Centre of Wales...... I was only there for the food...... ok, and the yoga.... yes, yes, and the writing... a weekend of not so much being pampered, rather, contorted and twisted in body and brain where my pen worked as hard as my limbs.... trust the process, and the turmeric!...... there were two owls, at least one jay, storms and no storms, fireworks, bonfires, beetroot chocolate brownies, turmeric, LOTS of turmeric, garlic, ginger, LOTS of coriander, lashings of words, sprinklings of nonsense, kombucha, kombucha, turmeric, turmeric and even more turmeric, Kali and Durga, a special guest appearance by from ta da! Ganesha, breathing and breathing and even more breathing.... and turmeric, did I mention there was turmeric?

(huge thanks to all at the Ty Newydd Writing Centre for an brilliant Yoga and Writing weekend and especially to the teacher Siân and my fellow have-mat-will-bend companion yogis.... now I'm off to sleep for a week)

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