Tuesday, 25 October 2016

blogabout, 25th October 2016

to write about write about what should I write about..... blog about, blog about, what should I blog about..... to blog or not to blog, that is indeed the question... or if not 'the' question then 'a' question as is how did 'blog' become a verb and when did it happen and who flipped over this noun and find it hiding there who knows how long when once upon time t'wasn't even a word and has sneakily snuck into place... into the lexicon chancing its luck that no one will notice and take it for granted thinking that it's been here all along... when..... it hasn't, it hasn't, it kidnapped a letter and soldered it onto to it making it longer by one letter more, just a 'log', that has usurped a 'b' leaving the 'we' not a 'we' but a 'web' without 'b' it's gained at anothers expense...... thus sneaky word 'blog' has dug in its heels determined to stay for a while edging unerringly into the language as casually as you might........ so I took it and fed it and gave it some soil, a sprinkle of water, voila! and it growed! ("growed", a word or not a word, now there's another question.... )... it growed into "blogging" and "bloggery", "blogger" and "blogged" and even unnervingly, "blogalogs".... so two became one then one became shorter then took on a life of its own sprouting suffixes just like a lizard grows tails..... so..... to write about write about what should I write about... maybe I'll just count my feet.........

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