Thursday, 26 May 2016

with a, 26th May 2016

I can see it but.... I can't hear it.... it's there because I can see it... no sound.... silent rain weaving gauze that's all warp and no weft... I can see it but I can't hear it..... does rain make a sound?..... depends on if you're listening or not... and even if you are then perhaps not..... anglesey (with a capital 'A' to normal people) is an island... as the name suggests, "-ey" meaning 'island', or isle..... when some refer to anglesey as the isle of anglesey (with an 'I' and an 'A') they are actually wasting words and being somewhat long-winded.... anglesey (with a A) is an island... not too big and island and not too small either.... perhaps you might call it a goldilocks (with a 'G') island.... it does have angles, being that it's a bit like a square tilted slightly...... but as for 'angles' (with an 'A'), well, it's more an island of the welsh of course, y cymry (with a 'C'), but is known as ynys môn (with a 'Y' and an 'M') and is known as "the mother of wales" (with a 'W')... this is because we used to have lots of windmills here milling grain to feed the whole of wales (with a 'W')...... so anglesey's (with an 'A') an island, in wales (with a 'W'), in britain (with a 'B') in the uk (with a 'U' and 'K') and not, no not, in england (with an 'E')...... imagine if everyone stopped talking at once... and I mean absolutely everyone in the entire wide world across the swathe of the planet, everyone, just stopped talking....... what would it sound like?....... imagine if...

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