Monday, 16 May 2016

then'ory, 16th May 2016

the time is now and then the now becomes then and then it's now again and round and round and round we go and where it stops you'll never know....... sooner or later, preferably later though how late is later and just because it's later does that make it late.... late and not early as I could say it's early right now as I write you this blog but maybe it's late... late in the morning as morning technically started at just past midnight.... though isn't that night and not morning or does morning only start when it's light, or when the first bird sings or when you wake up which could be early or later and indeed be the afternoon..... and if so does that mean you've missed the morning completely like skipping the starter and going straight to the main course.... or is it the sweet..... or even the cheese board.... though one should be cautious about having cheese too close to bedtime... so they say..... maybe it's fine as long as you eat the cheese and not the board...... meanwhile... the time is still now even though time has moved on tickery tockery but when I wrote what I wrote what I just wrote then it was now, now it's then, which makes now right now until it becomes then.... but then what happens to the then that is now, does that become then-then?......... and the further away the then become then does it become...... was?......... is history merely just 'thenory'... or maybe 'whenory'..... or even possibly 'wasery'........ I know notory whatory I'm going on about losing the plotory needing some coffeeory while putting my mindory on...... [pause]

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