Friday, 13 May 2016

friday the.... 13th May 2015

another day, another morning, another end of the 'working' week, another day before the weekend... another friday comes around as it does as it does every week at this time of week whether you want it or not here it comes and here it is..... ta daa!....... like magic, but isn't....... another start to the day as I start every day the same which is fine with me as routine to me isn't a problem, I like routine.... for others it seems to be, even my routines seem to bother some people but they are mine and I won't have them messed with.... sometimes it's as though they're all I have....... some people find them dull, boring, and well, routine..... but that's the point, there's nothing wrong with repetition, it's how we improve isn't it? by doing the same thing over and over..... it's how I learnt to tie my shoelaces so see, if not for that my shoes would be falling off every step I took, or I be tripping over the laces.... and that wouldn't be good....... all these lives in the screen staring back at me... I don't know you and you don't know me... do you think maybe I don't exist when I'm not here?..... maybe you don't, how can I be sure...... out of sight out of mind, they say....... all these exciting lives, surely they all can't be a constant helter-skelter, merry-go-round, bouncy castle, party-hatted thrill ride all the time...... but I see all these lives and think, maybe the grass is greener... as they say...... or perhaps not in your culture, they do here anyway, although I've always thought grass should be much more varied than just green, and have lashings of moss mixed in......

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