Monday, 2 May 2016

classical gas, 2nd May 2016

I must admit I haven't read many of the 'classics'... as in, classics of literature... despite  huge pressure to read them, from peers, from the literati, from the smug, who make us feel we're "missing out" and not eligible to be in their 'club'....... I have an idea what many of them are about but as far as starting at the beginning and making it all the way to the end, my list of those is very small indeed....... after all, some are quite weighty, and to my mind anyway, tedious and lumbering..... I've often wondered what makes one a 'classic' and seems to be it has to be old and the writer has to be dead, preferably long dead......... certainly quality of writing, depth of story, interesting characters, none of these are pre-requisites as some are basically just dull.... dull, dull, dull, dull........ I was late teens before I read a whole shakespeare, late twenties before I struggled through a bronte novel, and as for "war and peace" I simply gave up feeling life is just too short...... at school I never got a chance to study them really either, not that now I'm sure I'd have wanted too, because we had streaming, and each year had up to nine 'class tiers' and only the top two of these were given the chance to study english literature... and other things such as latin and even greek..... I was not in the top tiers, as such english language study was the 'choice' and not literature...... ho hum.... maybe that's skewed my opinions of the so-called 'classics', and they do seem to be popular regardless of what I think, so as usual I'm probably wrong again......

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