Friday, 27 May 2016

become a, 27th May 2016

another day another daze that plays and wreaks a havoc haze of what may come or not... is it just a phase that raises the dead from their sleep to creep about on empty feet as empty is their bones as soulless as a out of town shopping village whose only reasoning for being is for flaunting greed and me, me, me, and which itself becomes a cemetery of mannequins trapped within their coffins on display for all the world to see though no one sees and little cares.... another day another daze another crazy waking dream that inward screams and screams and seems will never end and if it ends then what?...... a mannequin adorning shops in windows on display for all the world to see or fail to see through draping dreams of this years look, this seasons must-have bite-sized slice of metro life (you haven't seen the price)....... another day another daze in which the minutes, hours fade and history is made for what it's worth, another year hands in its notice, quits while it's ahead to leave you blundering for newer blood and find it old before you know.... another day another daze another body undisturbed that died alone, still all alone I wonder if that body knows that here it lies now cold as stone another undiscovered soul that seeps away by minute, hour, while each day falls from the sky and you become a mannequin...

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