Monday, 11 April 2016

unreachable itch, 11th April 2016

I wondered and then wondered as we find ourselves here again at the start of the week or at least the start of the week for me, though is it I'm not so certainly surely as just cos today is monday and monday's 'traditionally' the start of a week does that mean it actually is.... but all that aside I wondered today what to write for todays daily blog when I found myself chasing an unreachable itch..... you know the type, the itch that just might be here... bot not here... maybe there... but not there....... no, there..... there!....... oh where oh where are thee now you damnable unreachable itch......... you the know one, the one that keep moving and it just isn't fair how it plays hide 'n' seek or catch as catch can, a constant in motion, an untouch in flux, and just when you think you have got it and trapped it with pinpoint precision it slips its slippery self away  to another somewhere equally gnawing and beyond any reachable reach........ you know the type, I'm sure you've been there and maybe are hot on the heels in pursuit of one now as I type and you read and we both give vent to a tightly-pursed lip of a growl, as though this ever helps......... it's like cornering mercury or retrieving a word once its spoken when it wasn't the one you meant to out-speak.......... that unreachable itch is so out of my reach as it toys and it tease and I swear it just giggled at me.......

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