Monday, 18 April 2016

pop-up! 18th April 2016

trust me, there'll be no 'popups' here..... I don't do pop-ups (2 words that've become one these days)... innuendo aside though...... pre-internet a pop-ups was something that happened when you opened one of amazing picture books on something like castles, or engineering or dinosaurs concealed within each page turned opening a landscape or animal or whatever in glorious 3-D... for all it was made of two-dimensional cuts of card or paper it was amazingly clever... and when you turned over a page it magically folded itself back flat again........ computer graphics are all good and well but they can't and won't ever compete with the actual tangible you can hold in your hands...... some went one step further in having tiny, truly interactive 'mechanisms' built in..... levers or rollers or buttons to pull, twist, press, jiggle to make something happen........ the work that'd gone into such things was mindblowing....... your brain would have to do all kinds of tortuous meanders to design such things in the first place... and then make it so it pops up, and then down, within the pages of a book!......... whichever way you look at it computers screens are 2-D despite any convincing to the contrary........ and another thing......... it's disturbing to think that the upcoming 'should we stay or should we go' european referendum will be decided by an electorate who worryingly and increasingly in the main seem obsessed with immigration and think leaving will "stop the swarms of foreigners" (I quote)........ this is the level of 'intelligence' (and I use the word reservedly) we have to work with.... I think I'll bury my head in a pop-up book now.....

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