Sunday, 24 April 2016

hot pursuits, 24th April 2016

like watching an episode of Benny Hill, and if you've never seen or know what that is, am sure you can find a clip on youtube, cheesy english comedy from the 1970's... anyway, to explain....... the pond beyond (a rhyme so soon in the blog!) my window where I'm currently ensconced away from the world like some woolly hermit.... woolly? I hear your puzzling tones, more of why later... anyway, stop digressing, to continue....... like an episode of Benny Hill in the pond beyond my window which if of goodly size but still might be a case of "this town isn't big enough for the both of us"... or the four of us.... as this is a tale of a pair of swans and a pair of canada goose (or geese!)...... as the male beats the bounds of his 'manor', basically the whole pond, he's hotly pursued... well, when I say 'hotly', perhaps in a more wary and stately fashion..... 'hotly' pursued within a safe distance of at least two swan-neck lengths away as it's also their territory....... and then the next minute they both paddle past again in the opposite direction but in reverse with the swan pursuing the goose, again at a safe distance maintained clearly a little nervously by the smaller goose.... and then........ turn around and back they go again, the goose 'chasing' (or perhaps following) the swan... and then... you guessed it........ out of sight they go behind the reeds only to reappear with, yes, the swan mildly and still in stately almost polite fashion 'chasing' the goose!......... like I said, akin to some mad 1970's comedy sketch show as I played in my head the tune "Yakety Sax" (again probably somewhere online or youtube)...... if there was ever an ear worm this is most definitely one..... oh, and the 'woolly' reference.... more in tomorrow blog.....

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