Sunday, 10 April 2016

pencilitis, 10th April 2016

the contents of my pencil case when I was at school (yes, of course I had a pencil case although it did hold much more than just a pencil singular...... and if you stay with me here you'll discover......) (... bated breath...)........ it included as you imagine, a pencil, actually usually more than one and always a 'hb' pencil and always a 'b' and usually a '2b' pencil and maybe a 'h', for when I may have needed that lighter touch......... it goes without saying there was also a pencil sharpener, at first a single-holed one until I discovered double-holed sharpeners, oh the excitement, I couldn't contain myself but had to have one......... it was metal of course, none of the crappy plastic ones for me, I had standards (of a sort).......... there was also at least one pen, always a black one and a blue one and commonly a red one, and sometimes I even had a green one.......... a single highlighter pen too, mostly a yellow one but this could vary depending on whatever I could find, I could be a bit random like that........ the inevitable eraser was, well, inevitable as I had pencils one needed one of them too.... I use the word "eraser" as a nod to my north american friends who may do a double-take if I said a 'rubber', which is our common word for them, as for them it's something quite different not a something you'd usually find in a pencil case...... or maybe you would!........ there was also a ruler, a 6 inch one of course otherwise it'd be a huge pencil case or an extraordinarily bendy ruler..... alongside a protractor (which I always thought of as some magic tool that I had no idea how to 'activate') and a compass..... no, not one to find my way around, one with a pointy end for making circles, and tiny holes in paper or stabbing yourself in the hand when blindly rifling around in my pencil case...... it was also full of pencil shavings as I often sharpened my pencils into my case so as not to leave a trail of shavings wherever I went...... I still have a pencil case by the way...

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